Black phunk - funk 4 people

Frank Kerner from Geek Preview gave it a out of 10. In response to the graphics, he is quoted as saying "While the sets, clubs, or whatever the hell that was we were dancing in was pretty awesome and futuristic, everything else seemed like it could be a bit more polished." [5]

MIC Check - Intro
Professor P & DJ Akilles feat. Your Old Droog - So Simple
Intervenție #1 (Bugseed - Method)
El Nino & Samurai feat. Karie & Bocaseca - Răbdarea
El Nino & Samurai - Toți Bagabonții
El Nino feat. Chronic - Onoarea Înainte de Toate
Samurai - Oricum Ar Fi
El Nino & Samurai - Tinerețea
Intervenție #2 (Sup Nasa - Oath)
Nemir feat. Alpha Wann - Wake Up
Youssoupha - Menace De Mort
Seth Gueko - Titi Parisien
Furax, Jeff Le Nerf, Swift Guad, 10Vers - J'commence Ma Journee
Sake feat. Scylla - Suis Je En Train De Gacher Ma Vie
Intervenție #3 (Unknown - Keep It Real)
Freestyle Samurai & El Nino (The Fugees - Ready Or Not / Schoolboy Q - Collard Greens / Eminem - Superman / Dr. Dre - Deep Cover)
MIC Check - Outro

The video was filmed on January 13, 2010. The clip features Fergie wearing Louboutin designer footwear and a black metallic leotard and riding a BMW S1000RR supersports motorcycle. [ citation needed ] Extras were dressed as robots and nomads (like in "Meet Me Halfway"). It was shot on a desert road in Lancaster , California. Filming was interrupted by a sudden sandstorm , however, as the storm passed, filming resumed. [8] The music video, directed by Rich Lee, was shot back to back with the video for " Rock That Body ", the second song on The . [9] The two songs were mashed up into a medley, which is titled "Imma Be Rocking That Body". The medley length is 8:15 and the music video in total is 10:21. It premiered on Vevo and Dipdive on February 16, 2010. [10] [11] The videos were separated for music channels with the introduction and conclusion removed. The video begins with Fergie waking up on a road in a desert and she notices everything stuck on a loop. She gets up and sings the first verse. She arrives at a bar and finds who is stuck on a loop of pouring his drink. She mutes his Beats which makes him stop. He notices that the robot who looped him is following them and they both hide. As the robot looks for them, they both escape in a hovercar . The robot chases them but it runs out of energy. They arrive at a scrapyard where they find who is also stuck on a loop. taps him and makes him stop. brings a good robot to life as they dig through the scrap and find Taboo whose bottom half of his body is missing. and carry him as they find a pair of legs walking around the scrapyard and they quickly fix him. As raps his verse, the robots dance in the background and they disappear, leaving the evil robot wondering where they went.

Now we´re talking! This is the real deal! FUNK!!

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Black Phunk - Funk 4 PeopleBlack Phunk - Funk 4 PeopleBlack Phunk - Funk 4 PeopleBlack Phunk - Funk 4 People