Camouflage - the great commandment remixes

In 2001, Camouflage re-recorded their debut single "The Great Commandment" and released it that year as a comeback attempt at their label's suggestion. Vocals were also re-recorded. The single was produced by London trio "Toy" and drums were provided by Christian Eigner , former tourmate of Depeche Mode . It reached #85 on the charts.

Working with Axel Henninger, Camouflage re-recorded " The Great Commandment " in Axel's studio in 1987. The single was released in September of that year and rose to number 14 in the German charts. Their follow-up single "Strangers' Thoughts" was released in February 1988, rising to number 20. In March, Voices & Images , Camouflage's debut album, was released. The album topped the US Billboard Dance Charts twice having been played often by small independent radio stations. In New York, Heiko, Oli and Marcus signed a contract with the US label Atlantic that same year, releasing "Voices & Images" and the single " That Smiling Face " for the US market in the fall of 1988. In an old factory loft near their hometown, Heiko, Oli and Marcus set up "Boy's Factory 2", their new studio.

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Camouflage - The Great Commandment RemixesCamouflage - The Great Commandment RemixesCamouflage - The Great Commandment RemixesCamouflage - The Great Commandment Remixes